Full Version: Would you swap Ronaldo for Ronaldinho?
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Barcelona’s and Real Madrid’s interest in Ronaldo is to be expected - after all, Ronny grew up watching these two clubs and dreaming to play for them. These two are also the only clubs that could pry Ronaldo away from Manchester United (although Milan or Inter could, in a couple of years, be an option as well).

Barca and Real both have the cash to meet Manchester United’s evaluation of Cristiano Ronaldo (30-35 mil) and all hinges on the combined abilities of Quieroz and Ferguson to convince Ronaldo that United is a better place for him.

Come to think of it, why are we even bothering with this? Ronaldo’s actions post-World Cup were a direct consequence of the lambasting he received from the English media, not a problem with Manchester United. The player is happy at Old Trafford, he’s got friends here and he’s settled in quite well into Ferguson’s system.

Ronaldo’s 21, not 61, that he’d be bothered with the weather. He’s also much stronger in spirit than Reyes.

One thing Ronaldo definitely has is extreme ambition, so I expect him to want to leave Manchester United if we don’t win trophies in the next couple of years. But then again, that’s the case with all stars - you’d be hearing grumbling about Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Rooney as well if Manchester United were stuck in 2nd or 3rd place again this season.

Why the fixation with Ronaldo? Top form this season, plus what happened post-World Cup. Both Barca and Real will play on Ronaldo’s desire to play in Spain (similar to Rossi’s wish to play in Italy), but they should also know that it won’t happen anytime soon.

And not in the next 10 years, if Ferguson can help it.

So…would you swap Ronaldo for Ronaldinho?
I would think the 30-35 Million pound evaluation is what Real or Barcelona would expect to offer.  Man United evaluation of Ronaldo would be about 45-50 Million pounds.

As to your question about swapping Ronaldo for Ronaldinho, I wouldn't recommend it.  Ronaldinho is a great player, maybe even the best in the world, but Ronaldo has a couple of advantages over Ronaldinho.

Ronaldo at 22 is five years younger than Ronaldinho, and Ronaldo is improving each year.  I think at 27 Ronaldinho has peaked, he is a great player but I don't think he is going to get any better than he is now.  Ronaldo on the other hand, if he keeps improving could be out of this world in 5 years time.

Ronaldo has adapted to Manchester and the British way of life , I don't think Ronaldinho would.  After all he choose Barcelona over United a few years ago mainly because Barcelona has a better beach than Manchester.

I wouldn't trade Ronaldo straight up for anybody.  If Barcelona want to throw in Messi or Eto as part of the deal, I would consider it.

Agree Red. Ronaldo is speacial, Ronaldinho is sometime more show than end product. No deal, Ronaldo is the very special, and he got Rooney sent off!! Faultless in my book
i would keep ronaldo as he is at the top of his game at the moment.
At the moment Ronaldo is playing better. Ronaldinho is a great player but he is over rated. just because he can do skills. If he came to the premiership i dont think he could play like he does in la liga. i rate Ronaldo but he dives waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much. If you breath next to him, he goes down. Ronaldinho doesn't dive and thats what i like about him.

i'd have to say i'd have ronaldo (if he stopped diving).
Ronaldhino is a much better player than C. Ronaldo, thats for sure.
Am sure C. Ronaldo will come a better player then ronaldhino, we will just hav to wait & find out, & becasue Barcelona’s and Real Madrid’s are ready to offer 35m or 45m for him, why would man utd sell, they couldnt replace him so 35m or 45m is nothing!
Anytime - Ronaldinho far better player and contributes as part of a team
They both do skills. But truthfully why do people think Ronaldinho is the best player in the world?
matthewbush Wrote:

They both do skills. But truthfully why do people think Ronaldinho is the best player in the world?

i really like ronaldinho but i have watched so many games in the champs league and been disappointed with his displays - i would go for Ronaldo at the moment!
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