Full Version: BWIN Tutorial
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How to watch on BWIN:

Register First:

Go to and register on their site. After that, confirm the e-mail you recieve, login, which you can do right above in your screen.

Then watch the games:

Select them from here: (the ones on the left with a V symbol do have video), click on the match and you will find the video button above, as in the 2nd picture.
- or click the scheduled match from that page, and a few minutes before kick off the video links is there on top.

The screen is small, so follow these instructions to enlarge the stream:

1) Download Majic Glass - Link 1 or Link 2

2)Run the program

3)An icon should appear near the clock:

4) Right click it and click settings.

5)Go to settings and make your screen match these values:

5)Click OK

6) Right click the icon near the clock and click show/hide. This should enlarge the screen. Use this and scroll to the stream that is on.

That's all!
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