Full Version: West Ham possible point deduction
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For all of you who didnt know West Ham have been charged with breaching their rules in relation to the signings of Argentine duo Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano. This is because the players their registration with third party "Media Sports Investment".

My feeling on the matter is West Ham should get every point they won when those players played deducted. The reason im saying this, is because this is what the F.A did to A.F.C Wimbledon and if they do it to 1 club they should do it to another. Personal i recon as west ham are going down anyway the F.A wont be as hard on them as they were with wimbledon

Your thoughts?
I agree wholeheartedly with the above. Nobody can say who actually owned these players and who was paying their salary. Only problem West Ham have only 5 points in games that Tevez and Mascherano played.

This is something that I opposed back in August and wrote to everyone I could think of to stop this transfer. I wrote letters to FIFA, UEFA, to the FA to the Premier League, to the Independent Football Commission most of the big newspapers and to West Ham Football Club

West Ham did not have the money to buy these two outright. It was obvious back in August something was fishy. Plus a investment company that does not own a football team should not be allowed to buy players and then sell them for a profit. I do not think this is good for the sport and FIFA should investigate. Football fans should at least be told all the details of these transfers.

I think they should hit West Ham as hard as they possibly can. Send them down to League One, they sent Swindon down two leagues in 1989 when they were Second Division play-off winners

But Swindon later admitted 36 charges of breaching league rules (a scandal which saw their chairman Brian Hillier being given a six-month prison sentence and chief accountant Vince Farrar being put on probation) and were relegated to the Third Division.

If they dock West Ham points does that mean the teams who lost them are awarded them. I Don't think s, but don't know for sure..

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