Full Version: Can Man United win the Treble
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Does this current Manchester United side have the mental strength and ambition to win serious silverware

They seem to have the makings of a great team and comparisons have been drawn with the great United treble winners of 1999.

Do you think Man United can win the treble.
I believe they can, but will need a lot of luck from now to the end of the season if there to do so.

All i hope for is that all the star players stay fit and keep performing
Na there not good in europe at all and i cant see them winning the fa cup
Man utd will win the double of fa cup and the premiership. They havent got a hope in winning the CL as they struggle to score goals away from home (2 goals in 4 games)
i don't think they will win anyting chelsea will win the treble epl, cc fa cup.

Funny feeling arsenal will win the cl.
i agree with you pints i think that there is a possibilty of a double this season - the epl and the fa cup - the champs league is an outside chance.
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